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Oso Viejo S.A. - Hidden Valley, Huacas, Guanacaste, Costa Rica; January 1991 to Present. Working as a team, Jim McKee, Roxana (administrative) and James (Son), provide web solutions. Photographic and Video services (including editing, production and graphic Arts) are provided through James Wesley Productions. Oso Viejo also specializes in tourism booking for sportfishing, sailing and tours. In 2003, purchased and developed 20 acres of land east of Huacas, that is now known as Hidden Valley Estates.
Flamingo Marina - Flamingo Beach, Costa Rica; 1990-2003. Developed and implemented Plan to construct the Marina Flamingo with with 80 boat slips, fuel dock and full service haulout and boat repair facility. Operated the marina with 25 direct employees and provided over 200 indirect jobs within the marina facilities until it was closed by the government in 2003.
Digital Datacom - Irvine California; Was the concept designer of the companies proprietary Quality Control and Factory Automation computer system. Took company public and sold company to Honeywell.
True Data Corp - Irvine, CA. USA; President and CEO of Card Transport and optical scanning devices. Held 5 U.S. Patents in in Document Transports and Optical Scanning. The Company had 50 employees.
United Utilities Corp - Kansas City, Kansas; Position of Technical Marketing Support. Traveled internationally supporting international sales team. During this time began developing a new concept in document transport and optical scanning for automated test scoring and State lottery applications.
GDI Corporation - Melborne Florida - Began as an engineering, electromechanical technician supporting team of engineers developing a new remote batch card reader. After 1 year, I moved into technical marketing support. GDI was purchased by United Utilities.
Prior to GDI - James was worked in Crypotography with the USAF for 5 years. He studied Engineering at Auburn University.

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Creativity is understanding a problem, finding solutions and making them into "reality". Creating successful web sites requires knowledge, the clients goals, hardware and software technology. Creativity involves three processes: communicating ideas, thinking and producing. Combining our capabilities with your information will result in a modern website at a fair price.
Domain Name - Domain names must be internationally unique. No other company may register your Registered Domain Name. Choosing it requires thought and consideration. Your domain name is your identity on the Web - you want to choose a name that not only fits your business, but is also easy to find.
Web Page Design - There are key points to consider when creating websites. With the key points in mind, we work with you to create a great-looking website that not only meets your demands, but also ranks well in search engines and performs well on Desktops, Tablets and Smart Phones.
Web Hosting - Choosing a web host can complicated. There are many basic cheap or free hosting servers that may not include the tools you need for your site. While it's tempting to sign up for a free host, there are factors to keep in mind. You will often find that a paid host is less expensive.
Graphic Arts - Common uses of graphic design include identity (logos and branding), posters, website graphics and elements, artwork, organized text and pure design elements such as images, shapes and color which unify the website and makes it a great site.
Photography - A website's photographs communicate information about your business. They can be used to set a mood or communicate an entire theme. Photographic content can take an otherwise simple website and text to the next level - informative and pleasing.
Video - Videos are a great introduction to your product or service. The key with video is to focus on your product or service. While you will want the features in text and imagery below, having a video will get your users to notice the product and want to know more.

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Modern web development requires creativity, training, skills, powerful computer hardware, and the latest software. Web development software is evolving rapidly, driven by smart-phones and search engine ranking factors and algorithms.
Software - Oso Viejo maintains an annual subscription to Adobe Creative Cloud. Creative Cloud provides the world’s best creative web development and photo editing software applications available today — and the apps are always up to date — so our developers can take the brightest ideas and turn them into the greatest work for your website across desktop and mobile devices. There are 20+ Software applications included: Dreamweaver, Photoshop, Lightroom, Adobe Media Encoder, Creative Cloud, Illustrator and many more. The software supports team development allowing different developement applications may be running on different computers at the same time. For example, one developer can be running Dreamweaver CC and another developer running Photoshop, editing pictures.
Graphic Art, Photos & VideosJames Wesley Productions provides professional graphic arts, photography and video, including editing and production, for Oso Web sites. Creativity, skills with top-of-the-line camaras, Photoshop and Sony Vegas Pro video editing software provide professional results. James Wesley Productions FB Page James also specializes in the creative layout of modern HTML pages and Jim concentrates more on the Database, interactive (PHP) programming, domain and hosting management.

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Static web pages

  • Static web pages (HTML) don’t change content with requests to the web server. They change only when a web author manually updates them with a web editing tool like Adobe Dreamweaver. The vast majority of web sites use static pages, and the technique is highly cost-effective for publishing web information that doesn’t change substantially over months or even years. Static pages are simple, secure, less prone to technology errors and breakdown, and easily visible by search engines.

  • Dynamic web pages

  • Dynamic web pages (HTML / PHP) change their content depending on the user’s interactions. Dynamic web is stored in an SQL database on the web server. Dynamic pages offer flexibility. Dynamic pages are excellent for applications with many products and frequent changes. Real Estate companies are an excellent example. The basic page with fixed information is all written in HTML. Information within the database on Homes and Lots are entered and maintained by the Real Estate Company.

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